There are a number of key national and local documents that provide the background to Greater Manchester’s becoming a cancer vanguard area. These include the NHS Five Year Forward View from 2014, which first suggested the development of different care models to suit different parts of the country, and the 2015 report of the Independent Cancer Taskforce.

Greater Manchester Cancer Board

Vanguard Innovation is the innovation arm of Greater Manchester Cancer, the cancer programme of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. The Greater Manchester Cancer programme is in turn overseen by the Greater Manchester Cancer Board. The board brings together cancer providers, commissioners, clinicians, people affected by cancer and other colleagues to reflect the entire cancer system. You can read more about the board below.

Greater Manchester Cancer Board

National Cancer Vanguard leaflets

We have produced a number of leaflets explaining the work of the national Cancer Vanguard, of which we are members along with RM Partners and UCLH Cancer Collaborative. Please click below to see our leaflets.

Cancer Vanguard leaflets

Our latest newsletter

We are committed to keeping you updated with progress in all our projects. Please click below to see our latest newsletter.

Our latest newsletter

NHS England email bulletins

NHS England produces a number of email bulletins for various health professionals, including updates on the new models of care. You can subscribe to these bulletins below.

NHS England email bulletins

The NHS Five Year Forward View

The NHS Five Year Forward View was published in October 2014 and sets out a vision for the future of the NHS. It was developed by the partner organisations that deliver and oversee health and care services. It made clear the NHS’s intention to support and stimulate the creation of major new care models that were suitable to meet local needs.

Read it in full

Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020

Published in July 2015 by the Independent Cancer Taskforce, this report sets out recommendations for a new cancer strategy for England. One of its many recommendations is that a new model of care should be piloted in which all cancer treatment is provided through a lead provider that manages the entire treatment budget.

Read it in full

Expression of interest

In July 2015 The Christie NHS Foundation Trust submitted an expression of interest to the New Care Models team at NHS England on behalf of Greater Manchester. The expression of interest outlined Greater Manchester’s vision of a single leader for cancer services across the region. A delegation from the region presented this vision to NHS England and others before we were formally chosen to be part of a single national cancer vanguard with our partners in London.

Read it in full

Briefings for NHS colleagues

We will be publishing regular briefings to keep our many colleagues involved in cancer care across Greater Manchester informed and to let them know how they can get involved.

Read NHS issue 1: November 2015

Read NHS issue 2: February 2016

Briefings for patients and the public

Similarly we will be publishing regular briefings for the Greater Manchester public without all of the traditional NHS jargon.

Read public issue 1: December 2015

Read public issue 2: February 2016

National cancer vanguard value proposition

All vanguards are required to develop a value proposition, a short document showing the key elements of the new care model, how it will improve health outcomes, what it will cost in the short term and the money it will save in the medium term. You can read our value proposition for 2016-17 below.

Read the 2016-17 Value Proposition here

Our scope document

We are pleased to publish today the final version of our scope document. This sets the scope of our work and gives details of our innovation projects.

We have consulted very broadly with key partners and stakeholders over many months in developing this document.

Read our scope document here

Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership

The Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership has published its latest brochure, detailing its latest achievements and setting out its next steps.

Read the MCIP brochure here

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